About Us

Located In Detroit, Michigan GripLoc Products LLC  was formed in 2002 after a year-long testing period of the quick-change interchangeable grip developed by Todd Graskewicz (Inventor) and the assistance of a major bowling company. The Inventor’s focus was to come up with a product that would help people who share the common problem of the hand swelling or shrinking due to unrelated matters (weather, weight gain/loss, etc). A proper sized bowling ball, especially the thumb hole, will give you the consistent release required to roll those high games.

GripLoc Products was first showcased to a domestic and international audience at the 2003 Bowling Expo in Las Vegas. GripLoc demonstrated  how easily the Outer Sleeve can be installed into a ball as well how the Inner Sleeve can be quickly changed to another size within seconds. The response to GripLoc’s product was overwhelming!    GripLoc continues to showcase worldwide at various bowling tournaments, industry shows, and private demonstrations.

With GripLoc’s product success in Las Vegas, GripLoc’s product provided the bowling industry the first Interchangeable Urethane Thumb inserts that required NO Hardware for installation nor any type of tools for changing the insert, making it quick and easy for the pro shops as well as the consumer.

Today, GripLoc is currently run by a management team headed by Tom Graskewicz.

GripLoc Products unique features offer the bowler a set of removable grips that the bowler slides in, pushes down, turns and LOCKS into place within the outer sleeve. As the bowler’s thumb swells and/or shrinks a larger and/or smaller grip size can be installed by removing the old grip and inserting a new grip within seconds.

The GripLoc insert will allow changing of grips between games or even between frames, improving the fit of the ball to the hand. As a result the bowler’s score will improve ensuring a proper fit at all times.

The Outer sleeve is made of a material that is strong but can be trimmed if necessary after being installed. The Inner Sleeve is a urethane, 75 durometer hardness and is superior to the current solid urethane slugs being sold by several distributors in today’s market.

GripLoc’s mission is to continue being an innovator of products withing the bowling industry as well as enhancing the way people bowl.  GripLoc also plans on achieving success and growth into today’s competitive marketplace through its delivery of quality products.  With excellent customer service  and customer support we recommend you give our products a try.  GripLoc Products guarantees to give you the satisfaction you and your customers have been looking for. If you need any assistance, please feel free to call or email us with any questions.