Taking Bowling To The Next Level

GripLoc Products unique features offer the bowler a set of removable grips that the bowler slides in, pushes down, turns and LOCKS into place within the outer sleeve. As the bowler's thumb swells and/or shrinks a larger and/or smaller grip size can be installed by removing the old grip and inserting a new grip within seconds.

The GripLoc insert will allow changing of grips between games or even between frames, improving the fit of the ball to the hand. As a result the bowler's score will improve ensuring a proper fit at all times.

The Outer sleeve is made of a material that is strong but can be trimmed if necessary after being installed. The Inner Sleeve is a urethane, 75 durometer hardness and is superior to the current solid urethane slugs being sold by several distributors in today's market.

Official Thumb Insert of Ebonite's Demo Day's